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This week you can see three loud, punk-inspired bands. You can watch the trailer for that movie HERE. The sci-fi world is abuzz with the recent news that J.

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Abrams mastermind behind Lost, Alias and Felicity got the go-ahead to helm the aging Enterprise for the next -- 11th -- installment of the Star Trek series. While rumors surfaced that the plot will focus on the Starfleet days of the young James T.

Get a Better Car, Haley

Kirk and a Mr. Spock, Abrams himself was a little fuzzy on the details: "Although Abrams refused to reveal Enjoy Coke: In Mexico City, Mexican soldiers opened up the cargo hold of a commercial flight from Venezuela and found black suitcases marked "private. Wow, those were some big suitcases. Wacko crash in Encino: Some guy was driving a Crown Victoria all crazy down Ventura Boulevard, being pursued by police. He smashed into a Plus Denzel Washington?

Crime thriller — whatever. We know a chick flick when we see one. We kid. It is a crime thriller, and director Spike Lee knocks it out of the park. Everything moves along at a good clip, and it's got some nice twists and Hooray for the homeless! This should relieve the concentration of homeless in downtown LA. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky called the move "a historic investment. Disrupt the fluffy "Crash Day" ceremony in The LA Times looks inside Schwarzenegger's Governorship and finds the Governator "difficult to predict," "mercurial," "fun," Democrat-kissing and peach-schnapps-drinking.

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  • We're thinking "loose cannon. Yesterday 5 bicyclists started a day, 3,mile ride from Morning traffic in downtown was a nightmare as two freeways the 10 East to the South were shut down and harried commuters shunted off onto clogged surface streets. Don't blame the St. Patty's parade — an wheeler packed with cotton collided with a minivan and, as the truck toppled into the crash refuse, its cargo burst into flames.

    Amazingly, no one was injured. The freeways weren't reopened until 2pm. We would have posted The streets of the Valley are having their own crashes: hit-and-runs are up. Surface streets and highways together total to more than 9, in That was the one nominated film this contributor has seen, and, as Jason observed months ago, that movie featured well-crafted dialogue, but blatant messages more than subtle insight.

    But it was the cherry on top of the Academy's Sunday of earnest self-congratulation. Leaving Hollywood we saw a pile of fancy envelopes next to a dumpster in an alley off Selma. We braved the cast-off catering debris and found these: The George W. Seen in the back of a car in Hollywood.

    We just can't quite figure this out. Did the car's owner find the sign funny and buy it from a homeless person, then stick it in their car? Or is this actually a plea for employment?

    BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Sixth Sense star 'hurt in crash'

    Is the car's owner an acoustic:rock musician looking for work? What exactly is Work Etc? Is the driver looking for work or something else like work — say, a It's nearly zero hour for the industry love fest -- better known as the Academy Awards -- and many Oscar get-togethers, soirees and partaaays are just revving up. To help dull the pain of spending three hours plus in front of the boob tube, LAist highly recommends the use of alchohol responsibly, of course. So without further ado, here are some rules to add to your homemade Oscar telecast drinking game: - When the We can't wait until Sarah Silverman gets to host the Oscars.

    Would she make jokes about the freshness of her vagina, like she does in the opening monologue of the Independent Spirit Awards today? She kicks things off saying George Clooney "has proved himself both artsy and fartsy," and "Felicity Huffman, I am such a huge fan of his.

    Think she's got a shot at the Oscar? Sarah Silverman continues to knock it out of the park. And the attendees like her. He had a long dirty story to tell before announcing the best director winner. Best Foregin Film goes to Paradise Now, the only Earlier this week kissy couples were wading through roses and red tissue paper deeper than an east coast snow dump and singles shook a tiny, lonely fist no ring!

    Austinist is already pulsing with SX energy and posting on the People's Choice Award nominees and the short films that will be playing while the The Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and the gay cowboy lovestory leads the pack: Brokeback Mountain got 8 nominations. One of our favorite categories this year is makeup, which pits the Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and the Chronicles of Narnia The SAG awards start with a bunch of actors telling their stories to the camera.

    Too bad she spits out her lines like they're cedar chips. She introduces Crash, for best ensemble film. Patricia Arquette, on the other hand, has '30s era hair that works for her. Will she beat out They look darling, don't they? She says June Carter Cash deserved to be brought out of the shadow and into the light.

    soilstones.com/wp-content/2020-01-15/4426.php She thanks Joauqin: Wihtout your John, there was no June. Yep, that Reese Witherspoon is hitting all So Jon Stewart will host the Oscars this year. Hosting the Oscars solo is a little like climbing Everest: the idea of doing it is always there, taunting America's elite comedians and raconteurs. Some, like Bob Hope, can beat it — 12 times he hosted alone, and more times with helpers tagging along. Others end up like Beck Weathers and David Letterman, beaten and barely alive, knowing they'll never do it again.

    But the No sooner had we posted about the not-quiet-announced Oscar host than the SAG Award nominees were announced. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Terrence Howard was robbed. Other than that, it's what you'd expect. Both leads And the Gray Lady isn't the only one to see the Blogs are a strange combination of the intimate and the public. Like diaries, they are confessional. Like billboards, they're just sitting out there for anybody to drive past. And chances are, just when you think nobody ever reads your blog, your boss checks in, stops short, and boomaloom: you're fired.

    Our sympathies are, of course, with almost anyone who gets fired because of their blog. However, our sympathies are not with the idiotic teenager As Defamer noted yesterday, Ms. Sweeney got a fresh new headshot to go with her continued perch at the top rung and, apparently, Lifetime Television and the Reporter think the rest of the ladies need to freshen up.

    Our own top-secret Hollywood operative - who will only own up to be a female power player-in-training and not If you're part of the multitude of scribes hoping to break into the biz, then it's time to dust off the script hanging out in your bottom desk drawer and head Downtown this weekend. Sponsored by Creative Screenwriting magazine, the Expo has more than seminars, panels and workshops as well as a trade show during the three-day event.

    Noted guests Our favorite show in a fictional Southern California town returned this past week and all is right in the world. Well, all is right if you just really enjoy when just about everything is wrong in the world of Veronica Mars. Sure, she's back with Duncan, who isn't much less creepy off the meds, and is in the good graces, somewhat, of the One-Niners again but Logan isn't any less tortured or troubled, Weevil OK, so summer TV is like a car crash on the You really don't want to slow down and look, but you do anyway.

    Here's the premise of Mark Burnett's latest addition to his "reality" show empire: 15 wannabe rockers live in this Hollywood The hook of Crash is its language.

    ‘Sixth Sense’ star lost control of car driving back to L.A. home

    The characters, while archetypes and stereotypes through and through, sound real when they speak to each other and at each other, almost always leaving the conversations misunderstood. Outside of a Persian shop owner and his family, everyone in the film speaks English yet each character's assumptions about each other limit recognition and comprehension. More often than not, a character is too busy hearing his or her own We were in the desert over the weekend so we didn't get a chance to showcase the good and the debatable on LAist on Sunday like we normally do. Before we do that, though, we'd like to remind you that we are giving away a prize pack for Crash which enters movie theatres this Friday.

    Joy Mitchell gives an LA perspective on the flick in last week's Weekly. Previously on LAist: - We talked LAist would like to send one lucky winner a prize pack from the Lion's Gate release, Crash. Set in Los Angeles, Crash is about race relations and takes an unflinching look at how we all interact with each other. The Prize Pack includes a We realize that theatre reviews typically come out after the reviewer has seen the play, but we're on a 9 a.