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I also appraise and sell collections of records for people. Click here for more info. Start by sending me an e-mail reserving your item s.

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If your request has top priority, I will e-mail you the cost of the item s , if not already determined. When ordering records, you will also receive a detailed description of the jacket and album condition. Otherwise, send me your shipping address.

Tell me how you intend to pay. Radio Rhema started buying vinyl back in But now they lie tucked away in an obscure corner of its central Auckland building in a large closet stacked high with LPs.

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Rows upon rows of vinyl records in faded covers line the wooden shelves and Luke Weston, the content director for Radio Rhema said they are all up for sale. It's coming back in and there are people who would love to grab hold of a collection like this, it would mean a lot to them.

He said all their music was now digitised and he was unsure whether they still had a working vinyl player in the building. Peter Shaw says there is everything from easy listening to Christmas music in the Radio Rhema collection.

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Mr Weston's colleague, Peter Shaw, has been at the station almost since it first started collecting records. He said it was hard to let them go.

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There was no surprise that Christian music featured heavily in the collection, with records from Jessy Dixon and Amy Grant, but Mr Shaw said there were other gems. We also have a lot of Christmas albums Someone asked whether Jesus knows that we're selling his records to which I responded, 'Yes he does know and he's cool with it and we think he's a Spotify user now', so hopefully we do have his blessing to get rid of the LPs. Mr Shaw said some buyers have even come from out of town to take a look at what their money will buy.