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HOW TO: Find Long Lost Friends on Facebook

Check out the people search at the end of this one. With all our preoccupation with social places like Facebook and Twitter, we miss out on alumni sites that can lend a hand. Alumni sites are built around schools, colleges, and geographical areas. Registration is free and is a 3-step process. In the last step, you get to search out and join an organization school, college, company etc.

The organization search can be made country-specific. You then get to drill down to the right one from all the results that are thrown up. The results are arranged alphabetically.

How to find people on Facebook

Once you are in, you can search for other members by name also by maiden name , organization or location. Each organization also has a member directory. The Alumni. The one thing I disliked about this site is that it forces you to give extra information during the registration process, like job related information, so that a resume can be set up at a sister job site; or the necessity to invite at least two friends.

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That increases the chance of finding old friends for free online. With 40 million members it is said to be a popular destination for alumni hunting. The site has a free Basic membership that lets you search for old friends in school, college, or the military. After you choose the institution, you are directed to the registration page. With a free membership, you can post your profile and search out friends. You can also send an email, but the person has to be a paid member to read it. Though the Gold membership opens up all the tools, the free membership could be enough for picking up a trail on a lost friend. Though small, the second highest membership figures are from the US. You can post your profile and search for your friends by name or institute or company. You can also go through the names of the members listed batch wise.

If you get the right person, send out a personalized mail. Addresses are not given out by the site and access to each other is via Batchmates.

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At Friends Reunited you start searching for friends with whom you have shared a common school, university, military service, workplace, club, or a street address. You can search by name or go through member lists. The site allows you to send messages or use the Chat program to talk to anyone who is online. The site also gives you a Timeline to add your own events, add photos, videos, and comments. Social interaction gets a fillip with Groups that are about common interests, like the recent elections in the U.

The advantage of alumni sites is that you can search school friends who are profiled with their real names instead of hiding behind nicknames as on many social sites.

How do I know the people in the profiles only want friendship?

Also, most of these sites have a maiden name field which is helpful when you consider that your female friends would have changed their names after marriage. Yes, the disadvantage remains that most of these websites are country specific or are populated with records from one. It really helps if your school, college, or institution has an alumni site of its own. Your researcher will provide a full report detailing all the information we have found and explaining how they know the correct person has been traced.

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Unfortunately I forgot all my old friends because I have no time any more. I am working working working I keep in touch with my high school friends. Yes, I'm keeping in touch with my 5 old friends most of the time, although we went to different countries for our studies and work. We normally keep in touch via Facebook, and whenever we come back to Burma then we made the appointments to meet each other by choosing the fun locations for our chit chat. I have two question about the listening: Taks 1, question 2 Selina still lives in London.

She still lives in London because her parents live in London. Thus question is True.

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