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Will my NCtem scores still transfer to another state? I have been practicing since Contact the NCBTMB and they will instruct you how to log in to your account and request a score report be sent to the state board where you are planning to move.

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I forgot about MBLEx. Do you hav any updates as for how they compare? It is not a licensing exam, it is a certification exam. Most states accept the MBLEx for an entry level licensing exam. In which state are you trying to get a license? I immediately worked in Atlanta as a massage therapist. I then moved to Lenox, Massachusetts and worked as a massage therapist as well.

In spas, pain clinic and private practice. I have approx. I have not practiced massage since and would like to start again. I now have to take a national exam that was not required 20 years ago, in Georgia, correct? I still have my massage skills. Should I plan on giving myself 90 days to study and prepare for the exam roughly? Hi Beth, That depends. Where are you currently looking to practice massage? And do you know how many hours your program was in ATL?

I have graduated from massage therapy for 3 years … Is it too late to take my mblex exam??? You can take it any time. Just make sure there have been no regulation changes in your state an increase in hours training. Hi, I am trying to find what states accept the nationals and which states do not.

My nationals expire Feb. If I do which states accept it?

Sorry if redundant… Thank you. Most states just need your exam scores and it is not required to have your certification current. There is a small fee and a form to fill out to have your exam scores sent to the state your are moving to.

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Since they require it! Hawaii and New York are the only two states that have their own exam.

3 Routes to Licensure

Most other states accept the MBLEx and it makes state to state portability much easier. Best wishes on your move! Does mblex ever expire? Or is it good for life??

Massage License Reciprocity - Massage & Bloggywork

Any info regarding this would be helpful. Thanks, Michelle. You are correct. There is no reason they should have an expiration date on there. The MBLEx is a licensing exam, not a certification. It does not expire. Hey girl! I went to school for massage in New York and am getting licensed in Florida.

They have about 7 door stopper thick books they recommend you read and not all of the test answers come from those books. Hi, Kjersti! Thanks for stopping by. I would think their study guide will no longer be available after that date. The MBLEx reading material list is a little daunting, but I do use several of the books on the reading list regularly for reference in my massage practice and while writing practice questions for this site. Please let me know if you have any questions about the process of moving from New York to Florida. Make sure you apply to Florida as an examination candidate and not an endorsement candidate.

It can cause a delay in getting your license if you check the wrong box. Best wishes! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Thank you for reading this post! Thank you Dr. Hi Dr. Hi Sharee, Illinois closed its grandfathering a few years ago, so there is not automatically licensed path. Here is the rule: Section Thanks for your help Shawna. Excellent question. Hi Fatima, Most states just need your exam scores and it is not required to have your certification current. Hope this is helpful. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

You can take the MBLEx at anytime. Before, during or after massage training. However, proof of massage education is required. Related Link: Today's Top Stories. There are more than 30, licensed massage therapists in Florida. Carr says the people committing the illegal activity represent a small group that cast a negative light on positive work of massage professionals.

We work hard, hard working professionals, that help people on a daily basis. The hazards of unlicensed massage extend beyond the criminal realm.

So what else is the state doing to crackdown on this activity? Just four months ago, a new law went into effect requiring all licensed massage therapists to undergo background checks and fingerprinting. The information is kept in a national database. You can check the license or see complaints for massage establishments or therapists. Their license numbers should also be posted at the establishment where they are working, if they are not, you should always ask to see it.


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Maybe ongoing staff trainings, also including cultural education. When I taught massage, a revered teacher was making the assumption that those who might identify as African-American or black, were inherently less smart because their her students communication skills were not like hers. This came out in a teacher development day.

Massage License Reciprocity

Final comments from CIHC educators on what is needed to improve quality of massage education included suggestions regarding accreditation and specific curriculum content:. Good, in-depth accreditation could make a real difference. Some schools will go with whatever program will accredit them at the less expensive price. Quality of education then suffers, in my opinion.

Also, most schools have low requirements. Every new graduate of a massage therapy program would benefit from mentoring upon graduation. Every single one. They need training and confidence to work effectively and safely with these patients and their family caregivers, and they need to act professionally and learn to work as a part of an interdisciplinary medical team. Massage therapists no longer only work in spas and health clubs and the education needs to reflect this change in modality application.

And, I know small schools with lower hourly requirements that produce excellent practitioners.