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Do you have the angel card? Why not? Don't you want exclusive offers? According to Rita, some customers take advantage of this policy by bringing back garments that are clearly not fit to be resold. Some customers ruin clothing without buying it first. It was absolutely disgusting. To get a better sense of what goes into those lurid, funny, and occasionally outrageous disguises, we spoke to a number of designers who are constantly trying to react to an evolving seasonal market.

For kids, Halloween is a time to look adorable in exchange for candy. Sometimes that means provocative, revealing costumes; other times, it means going for shock value.

Investigative Web Research

Although Halloween is the one day of the year people can deploy a dark sense of humor without inviting personal or professional disaster, some costume makers draw their own line when it comes to how far to exceed the boundaries of good taste. Weeks says some questionable ideas that have been brought to the discussion table have stayed there. If it's more elaborate, it can take a little longer: Both Yandy and Weeks had costumes inspired by the Cecil the Lion story that broke in July in which a trophy hunter from Minnesota killed an African lion on their sites in a matter of weeks.

Extravagant custom tailoring jobs aside, Halloween costumes are a business of instant demand and instant gratification—inventory needs to be plentiful in order to fill the deluge of orders that come in a short frame of time.

If a business miscalculates the popularity of a given theme, they might be stuck with overstock until they can find a better idea to hang on it. At Rasta Imposta, Berman says political and pop culture trends can shift their plans, but one theme is a constant: People love to dress up as food. Bananas, pickles. We did an avocado. In addition to monitoring social media for memes and trends, designers can get an idea of what consumers are looking for by shadowing their online searches.

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People can be weird. But not every costume maker has the official license for Game of Thrones. What are other companies to do? Come up with a design that sparks recognition without sparking a lawsuit. People just like the idea of sharks. Ever wonder why food and other novelty costumes tend to outsell traditional garb like pirates and witches?

Weeks agrees that procrastination is profitable.

Costumes are designed year-round, and planning can take between 12 and 18 months. Read more about how we help reconnect lost loves. Our friendly staff can help with your locate, or answer any questions you might have.


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The consult is free and confidential. See the benefits we offer you. A major metropolitan newspaper in Los Angeles hired us after reading an LA Times newspaper article which featured our work. We met at our Los Angeles office. Our private investigators located and reunited 5 couples all of whom were not currently married. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation. Private investigator Thomas Martin is quoted in this article about online dating and privacy: How giving out your phone number can be a bad idea. Not everybody needs an attorney or thinks their mate is cheating on them.

He gets the job done quickly, efficiently and reliably. He is aware of the law and always submits quality reports. I highly recommend Martin Investigative Services to any attorney, business or individual who is in need of a professional investigator. I recommend them without any reservation. We have used Martin Investigative Services for three decades. Their work is exemplary; reports are perfect and their testimony is very professional, with great judge and jury appeal.

We will not use anyone else for our investigations. I have known Tom Martin since We have never been disappointed! I have used Martin Investigative Services since returning to the practice of law. Spiderfoot is an open source tool written in Python that can be used to query more than public data sources simultaneously. The tool is modular so the various sources queried can be turned off and on as needed.

Spiderfoot is a little more technical than most of the other tools on this list and it needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer. The documentation is comprehensive and explains how Spiderfoot can be installed on most platforms. Although the documentation specifically mentions the Windows and Linux platform, I have it installed and running on MacOS, as well. Spiderfoot can be a little daunting at first but a little time spent learning how to set it up properly will be well worth the time. Doing some research on your own name and other personal details using some of the tools above will show you how much information is out there about you.

But keeping your passwords updated and making them sufficiently complex is difficult without the use of a password manager.

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The idea is that you store all your passwords in a central repository that you then secure with a single master password. This has many advantages over trying to remember all your passwords or writing them down somewhere. One of these is that you can create very unique, long and difficult-to-guess password for each of your accounts. If you use an extension for your browser, or an app on your phone, then your password manager will automatically fill in your password details when you visit known sites.

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