How to get retail tax id number

There are forms. To make things more complex, there might be federal taxes, state taxes, and local taxes. Sales taxes and income taxes. Sales tax permits, business licenses, DBA licenses, tax return forms, applications…the list goes on and on. Read more here.

Its original purpose is to assign ID numbers to employers. Lots of types of businesses can apply for and receive an EIN — huge corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and also little tiny Etsy businesses. You can think of an EIN as the equivalent of a social security number, but for a non-living entity like a business. Each state has their own rules and regulations regarding the collection and payment of sales taxes. In most states, you can apply online and the process is free and painless.

Once you receive your permit, you should have it on display in your place of business, and always bring it with you to any craft shows or fairs. Anytime you make a sale to a customer in your same state, you should be collecting sales tax. If you want to attend a trade show or shop at certain wholesale supply websites online, you might be asked for your sales tax ID number or to show your sales tax permit. Your sales tax ID number can sometimes be referred to as your resale or reseller number. However, another state-by-state caveat — some states issue separate wholesale account numbers that you might use in similar situations instead.

For some reason, many people incorrectly assume this means EIN and frantically research how to apply for one. This ID number is usually needed to buy from wholesale suppliers, apply for craft shows, or apply for a DBA or business license.

Getting Your State Sales Tax ID Number

I will add that in a few states, the state will issue you a sales tax ID number that is identical to your EIN, thus causing conflicting answers and confusion for everyone. Just make sure to pay attention to what the paperwork or agency is actually asking you for. When in doubt, just ask! It is not intended to be relied upon as legal, accounting, or tax advice. We strongly encourage you to always consult with a tax or accounting professional about your specific situation before taking any action. Save Save. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you so much for this post! It was very informative. I feel more at ease knowing that lots of sole proprietors have also applied for EIN.

Do you have a link to apply for a sales tax ID? Hi Molle, the link would be dependent on your state. Some states require an EIN as well, and some do not. I have an EIN. I can show them my business license from Singapore though. Thank you very much and I look forward to your reply! Richelle Monfort on 14 Feb Hi Eric, As much as I want to help you, I'm afraid I have to strongly suggest that you seek professional advice from an accountant so that you will be given the correct answer to your queries. Richelle Monfort on 26 Feb Hello Kathy, If your company is conducting business in any other states than the state where you incorporated or formed an LLC , then you need to register your business in those new states.

Can we obtain a re sellers license in Oregon and sell out of a third parties warehouse in Michigan? Can Salehoo assist with the paper work. Regards Bill Reply. Should the supplier ask one from you, you may inform them that you are based in the UK and provide your VAT number instead. Sorry SaleHoo does not facilitate or assist in getting sales tax IDs or business licenses. I recommend consulting your local accountant, they should be able to assist you accordingly.

Eliza on 7 Mar Hi, my company is based in Mexico and i want a resale cert, but i am not sure if i have to register my company and my tax ID in some government website? I want to buy from Texas but products cross the border, I in fact have proof that this is for re sale, but what should i do, or whom i have to do the paperwork done?

Richelle Monfort on 16 Mar Hello Eliza, You might want to check with your local account since your products will cross borders. Sorry I do not have enough training to give you an answer to your question.

Autum on 16 Mar Hello I design stationery from digital scrapbook kits at the moment only for family and friends for personal use. If I want to sell online either print to order or as a downloadable file, do I need to purchase a resale certificate or license? I live in Delaware also if that helps. Andy on 21 Mar I am a non us resident living outside the US. I have an llc formed in wyoming but have no nexus in the US.

SALES/USE TAX HUB - Idaho State Tax Commission

But i need a resellers certificate. How do i get one with no nexus as wyoming wont issue one with no nexus. Helene Goodworth on 28 Mar Hello! I am a dressmaker and would like to buy my fabrics from a wholesaler.

What Is the Difference Between a State Sales Tax ID Number and a Wholesale Account Number?

I think this means I need a reseller license. Do I need to register my business before I can apply for my reseller license? Thanks in advance! You will need a business license because you are a business end, and you need an EIN and a DBA to open a bank account. Kasey on 21 Apr Hi! To provide better service to our customers I've often thought about reselling inexpensive items such as custom playing cards, flavored Icy pops, and any other little types of snacks or games that might be appropriate.

Assuming that my employers would be okay with me doing such a thing on their property and time, what would you recommend my best coarse of action be? I'm planning to start two online stores that will sell mostly in USA and secondary in Europe and other countries as a later plan.

One of the two online stores will sell Print on Demand Products and one of the suppliers of this online store is located in the USA and the others in China. So my questions are: A. Are the USA dropshipping suppliers be considered as my Nexus? To sell online only via dropshipping in the USA, for both stores, will I need a wholesale license or seller's license from all states in the US that I will be selling online too? Or from the states that the droppshiping suppliers are from? Will I have to pay taxes to the state of Florida since I was born there or just income tax federal tax since my physical address is not in the US and not in Florida?

And if I sell to Florida from my online stores will I have to pay state tax because I'm from that state? I mean is Florida technically a Nexus for me? Do I need wholesale license or seller's license from Florida because I'm from that state? Does your reply to the above questions apply to the Delaware LLC I plan to create as well, or to me personally if I do business as a sole proprietor?

My physical address is in Europe for over 20 years. Any feedback is appreciated even if it doesn't cover all my questions. Thanks in advance Regards James Reply.

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Richelle Monfort on 10 May Hi James, Because this is a delicate matter I suggest you consult with a professional so you will be given correct advise. Our training does not give us enough knowledge to answer your questions. Can you tell me what license and approvals I need please? Richelle Monfort on 14 May Hello Barbara, It would be best that you check with your local account to be sure that you are guided accordingly.

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Neka on 30 May Hi , I am trying to get started with my online boutique. I wanted to know which licenses or permit I would need to start out with. I also am starting off as a Dropshipping business. I already have applied for my EIN number and have my business name that i want. What is actually a good place to register my business name?

I have already gotten my website starting off with Spotify Reply.