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The Family Group Sheet identifies a couple and their children.

Everyone has two group sheets - one as a child with parents and one as a parent with children. A Chronological Profile begins with your ancestor's birth and is filled in with various occurrences in his life. Continue to fill this in as information becomes available to provide a picture of your ancestor's life. The Research Log is very important for the time when you share you data or decide to publish your work. You will need to know your sources for obtaining each piece of information. Be VERY specific with your information quoting authors, titles, pages, publishers, etc. Use a Correspondence Log!

This includes the name and address of the person you have written to, what you requested, the date the request was sent and a column for the outcome. Remembering every letter written is impossible.

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Church records may include births, christenings, marriages, deaths and burials. Check for cemetery records with the church, Sexton and Funeral Directors. Visit the cemetery and take a picture of the tombstone.

Check the obituaries in that time frame. Direct evidence speaks to the point in question. Indirect evidence gives facts from which you can come to a conclusion. Primary evidence is personal testimony or a record created shortly after an event by a person with personal knowledge of the facts. Secondary evidence is copies or compiled from other sources written from memory long after the event has occurred.

City Directories provide names and occupations of town residents and much local business information. It's very important to check maps. Boundaries change over time. Be sure the area where you think your ancestors resided is actually the area where they were. Newspapers are wonderful Hometown Records. In addition to looking for obituaries, be sure to look for articles about special events Town and county histories can be invaluable to form a picture of your ancestors in the time they lived in the area..

Immigration is entering a country where you are not a native to take up permanent residence. Emigration is leaving a country where you have been a citizen. Join a Mailing List www.

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Be sure to subscribe in "digest" mode. E-mails about subjects on the list will come to your e-mail box. Search the Message Boards for others looking for the same person s you're researching. You go to the Board to search but you can ask to be notified of new entries. Be sure to make a list of all living relatives when you start your genealogy research.

Interview every one of them. Be prepared with a list of questions. Use a tape recorder for the answers or take very good notes. When writing to a relative for information, make specific requests. Don't ramble! Official Records Search. Story 1. Search CET.

Search Files. To order certified documents or to obtain regular copies of documents prior to that are not available online, visit Search and Copy Services. To remove or block information from public record, complete form Site information includes facility name, number, location and type, site program type, description of contamination identified, current cleanup status and remediation progress.

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Broward County statistics for population, ethnicity, housing, geography and businesses. From the U. Census Bureau. View interactive GIS maps of Broward County, including protected natural lands, drainage, annexation, air photography, Commission districts, artificial reefs, permit information, vacant land, FEMA flood zone determinations, census information, and contaminated sites. Search Broward County current bids and Requests for Proposals by type, number, title or due date.

Search Florida Department of Corrections offender records by name or dc number including absconders and fugitives, escaped inmates, released inmates, and supervised population. Results include photo, name, dc number, race, sex, birth date, initial receipt date, current facility and current release date.

Search for registered Florida sex offenders and predators, or register for email alerts. View Broward County Commission meeting minutes and agendas including meeting videos. Search Florida statewide jail and inmate records through Vinelink by offender ID or name. View information about obtaining a Broward County marriage license, including online pre-application, and premarital course provider search. View information about obtaining Broward County birth and death certificates by mail, by phone or in person.

View Broward County voter registration and election information including vote by mail and absentee ballot information. Search Broward County voter registration, absentee ballot, and provisional ballot status. Search Broward County government job openings by job title, part time jobs or student jobs.

View government job openings with the Broward County Clerk of the Courts including employment application. Search or view Broward County code of ordinances, enacted March 12, , including supplement history and enacted legislation not yet codified. View various static maps of Broward County, including demographic, district, redevelopment areas, environmental protection, future land use, manatee, boundary, engineering, recycling, and zoning maps.

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Search Broward County certificate of titles by sales date, case number, or parcel ID. Search for Broward County licensed child care providers by name, location, or type. Search Broward County environmental permits, licenses and regulatory enforcement records by facility, permit or license number, enforcement action number, or complaint number. View Broward County traffic cameras and traffic information by county, roadway and location. Return to Top.

Population: 1,, Area: 1, sq.

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