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Working here has allowed me to really be in on the industry that has changed so much with the smart phone and tablet evolutions. I am now regularly consulted at my full-time job and by friends and family. I would be so far "behind the times" if I didn't work here. This is the best part time job ever. I get a pension, k with matching, tuition assistance and a dental plan to augment the one I have at my full-time job — plus paid vacation and holidays.

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I'm currently a full-time student. The flexibility this job has given me to match my college schedule has been wonderful! Not only does the company give me enough time to go to school, but I also gain real world sales and customer service experience while at work. I have worked a few other part-time jobs and although they were great at the time, this has been the best part-time job I have had.

Not only are the people here amazing, but the biggest difference between this and other jobs is the ability I have to control my pay check. I love working in sales and being able to control how much I get paid at the end of every month.

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I'm a big family person, and I like to travel. Working a part-time schedule leaves me with plenty of time to spend at home with my family and good friends, as well as a lot of opportunity for visiting new, exciting places. What do you wish you knew when you started?

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We're a Fortune company with a proven track record of success in the past and big aspirations for our future. I am able to pursue higher education, while growing with a company that offers so much. However, taking the risk can not only be rewarding, but can provide you with the best sales experience and, therefore, a strong start to your career.

Inside sales is a fast-growing segment of the sales industry that offers challenges and plenty of training that can lead to a high-paying career. The insurance industry is well known for hiring inexperienced sales representatives for their sales force.

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Once hired, a new agent will receive training and have ample opportunities to work on improving their prospecting, presenting, and closing skills. While insurance sales is a great entry into a sales career, it is also a wonderful career opportunity for those who can make it through the often difficult and challenging first few years.

The internet has had a lasting and profound effect on the retail industry, but that does not mean that an entry-level sales position in retail is not worth considering. Your hours will probably include nights, weekends and holidays, and you likely won't be earning a high income.

An entry-level retail sales position that provides opportunities for learning and growth can lead to a successful long-term career with a substantial income. Product demand is high as well as the competition from other competitors seeking to make a profit.

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You can gain significant experience learning how to convince customers to become loyal users of your products and services. Selling real estate is another position you may wish to consider. You can either represent the buyer or seller of a property as a buying or listing agent.

Check your state for specific requirements. Working with buyers and sellers provides you with valuable selling experience, as you learn how to convince buyers to purchase desirable properties.