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In the hours immediately after the escape, investigators were still trying to figure out how Mr. An inmate report generated Wednesday shows that Mr.

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Causey had committed a wide range of offenses beginning in the early s. He was serving a life term in prison for kidnapping a lawyer who had previously defended him when he escaped from the Broad River facility in November , the authorities said.


To ease his escape, Mr. Causey and his fellow escapee temporarily tricked corrections officers into believing they were present for a prison count by placing heads made out of toilet paper in their beds to stand in for their own.

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The inmates made their escape on a Tuesday morning, and remained on the run until they placed an order for pizza from a motel two days later; their hunger ultimately spelled their demise, according to a report published at the time in The State of Columbia, S. The way the bizarre delivery had unfolded made Ms.

Trainer uneasy, and she told her husband, who informed a law enforcement officer, she said. With the devices, Stirling said, inmates will be able to make calls home at a cheaper rate than pre-existing traditional calling programs.

Inmate killed after fight at Columbia prison identified, SC officials say

For years, Stirling and his predecessors have spoken out about the dangers of cellphones, in large part due to the unfettered communication they allow both with the outside world and others behind bars. He has referred to the devices as the primary security threat in his prisons and has made eradicating them a top priority. Officials have said that some of the dispute was over contraband, including illegal cellphones, which inmates likely used for communications during the insurrection.

follow Former Corrections officer Robert Johnson was nearly killed in in a hit orchestrated by an inmate using a cellphone. Stirling has advocated jamming, which renders cell signals useless. But a decades-old law says federal officials can grant permission to jam the public airwaves only to federal agencies, not state or local agencies. Telecommunications companies are opposed, saying jamming cell signals could set a bad precedent and interfere with legal cell users nearby. Similar programs have already been used in other states, including Georgia and Pennsylvania.