Do i find my ip address on xp

Is your XP computer configured with a valid IP address? In other words, do you have a valid registered host name for the XP that is accessible from the Internet?

How to Fix “Cannot renew IP address” in Windows

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How can I find out my IP address in Windows XP? - Ask Dave Taylor

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We hope you find this article useful. It is provided as-is, and we will no longer provide support on this topic. Eventually while using your computer a situation will arise when you may need to know a little information about your network connection.

Change IP Address on XP

You may need this information for a tech support call, to configure a networked video game system, or to add a new PC to your home network. This article will explain how to determine view your network configuration on a PC running Windows XP.

Windows XP Verify or Release & Renew IP Address

It will show you the actual click-by-click process of locating your Windows XP network configuration. You can determine your basic networking settings easily by using the Windows Network Connections window. Most most users will find this to be the simplest way to find their networking configuration. There are several methods for accessing this window.

Troubleshooting Your PC For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Some users may see an icon representing their network connection in their system tray the set of icons on the far right side of the start menu. If you see an icon for your network connection, you can access the connection status by double-clicking on this icon. Depending on the type of network that is, wired or wireless you will see a different set of options, but you should always see two tabs called General and Support. Plenty of systems have this icon disabled. Control Panel has two modes, the default being Category View.

In category view you can find your network connection by double-clicking the Network and Internet Connections icon and then selecting the Network Connections icon. You should now see an icon for each of your network connections. Users familiar with DOS may find it simpler and faster to open a command prompt and view all of their connection information in a single screen. Type the command and press OK.

A DOS command prompt window will appear.