How to find ps2 ip address

That leaves final numbers of 1 is used by the router and available for me to assign as static device addresses. A static address is much easier to grant firewall port exemptions, because the address won't change after a reboot and lease expiration. Originally Posted by bungiefanNA. You have a public IP that is handed to your router. Your router then gives private IP addresses out to the computers inside the network.

If you look in your router and find a DMZ configuration, you can put your PS2 private IP address in there and it will not have any ports blocked for it. You must figure out how to log into your router on your own. Normally, if you go to a computer and use "ipconfig" from the command prompt, the gateway will be the IP address of the router.

Put that in your web browser to make changes as needed. The default username is normally "admin" and the default password is normally blank, "password", or "admin". Originally Posted by Freebytes. Your router is a firewall, because of NAT. It acts as a bouncer, and incoming traffic isn't sent to a device on the other side of the router unless it was specificlaly requested by the device. Port forwarding tells the router to allow traffic into the network on specific ports each IP address has ports each for TCP and UDP traffic , and to direct it to specific devices.

Since it's a one-external-address-to-many-internal-addresses mapping, each port has to be specified to a specific internal IP. If no address is specified, the router discards the data. You can either have devices request an address from the router auto-configure, dynamic or set the address on the device itself manual, static. You want to set it yourself, because the router can hand out from a pool of several addresses, and it picks them randomly, so when you turn the PS2 off, it can get a different address next time.

Setting the address yourself lets you know what it always is, and thus keep the port open for it.

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This is a major component of that exam. As for how to do it on your router, that varies from router to router.

All network devices have the same settings options though, so defining a static address is the same, though the interface itself may be different. Plug your ps2 directly into the modem to see if it works better bypassing the router. Originally Posted by Greatguardian. I want to say that there's a middle ground here but this isn't really middle ground.

10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit 1 Port USB over IP Device Server

A lot of old systems were shit. Some new systems aren't much better. What's in the middle of shit and shit? On the initial start OPL goes straight to its settings. According to share mapping example above, in the -PC- section you should choose ' As soon you push 'OK' OPL will try to connect to the host specified, and let you know if anything went wrong.

Don't forget to Save changes in the main menu; now when you reboot your PS2 with Swap Magic DVD and memory card in place and the network share online , you will see your game list. By default OPL uses debug colors during game load, filling the screen with solids for various stages, it can be switched off from its main menu. OPL provides much more functionality, read further on psx-scene about what you can do with it, particularly how to use Modes in Game settings if your game won't start. Once again, tutorials which I could find on this matter were rather incomplete, or vague in some aspects, so I've decided to write down all necessary steps as I progressed through the task.

What I tried to achieve - to make PS2 Fat boot from memory card and load games from internal hard disk drive. As before, some points to notice. First, let's prepare the USB stick with all the software required.

DNS Server Address (Primary, Secondary) -- PS2 online requests it

As before, it's assumed you're on some UNIX-like system, with command shell. Now you have to configure game installer with network parameters; create configuration folder on USB stick, and make a file within it with selected values. You have to specify IP address for you PS2 console, network mask usually default and IP address for the default gateway; below I'll set it up for my home network. Plug in all the necessary cables, including Ethernet one for Network Adapter, put in the Swap Magic disk; insert USB stick and memory card; turn the power on.

Don't panic if you're expecting to hear your HDD drive working, and hear nothing - it will spin up later, after loading the required modules. Setup asks for some options, such as selecting from Normal, Cross-model or Cross-regional install; I chose Normal, other cases useful if you're making memory card for a friend. To tell the difference, you should see briefly FreeMCBoot logo as it boots, and then additional menu items in your browser.

There will be number of utilites, choose HddManager to launch.

Playstation 3 won't obtain the IP address [Solved]

This is the moment when your HDD should spin up if it's wired correctly and Network Adapter is working. DAT file is reachable from your Windows machine.

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Now you can manage contents of your PS2 HDD through the network, it should be empty for the moment, so simply add one of your game. Btw, several PS2 games I bought as used are pretty worn, and it's almost impossible to use them in conventional way.

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So I copied them with Linux ddrescue utility and playing them either from network or local disk drive. One major drawback when installing games through the network is lengthy copying time, it could take more than half an hour for single game, I guess that's where WinHiip is a winner. After the game is successfully installed, you may disconnect the client; HDLGameInstaller enters local mode where you can edit game title, options, or even delete it.

Modchips are trash.